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We assemble LED lighting with high yield and quality.

With the IES it is now possible to give life to your ideas.

Frente do Contador de peças v1 e respectivos acessórios
ATP - Time Tracker is a system that generates and signals in a sound and / or light times of inputs, outputs and intervals, applied to the Industrial Facilities, Schools, etc..
IES Inovation

Now we also develop electronic products. The IES thus opens the way to the world of development.

In the pictures you can watch one of the projects developed by the IES. It is a production assistant (counter) designed to meet the needs and requirements of companies in the market seeking how to help its workers with the arduous task of counting all the pieces produced over a work shift.

With this counter, frees up the workers of monotonous counts making it more available and attentive to meet the production needs with guaranteed quality.

 Frente do Contador de peças v1 e respectivos acessórios                 Traseira do Contador de peças v1 e respectivos acessórios