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We assemble LED lighting with high yield and quality.

With the IES it is now possible to give life to your ideas.

Frente do Contador de peças v1 e respectivos acessórios
ATP - Time Tracker is a system that generates and signals in a sound and / or light times of inputs, outputs and intervals, applied to the Industrial Facilities, Schools, etc..

IES - Industria Electrónica, serigrafia, Lda . is a Portuguese company founded in 1991, which provides services in Engineering, Production, Re-Work and Trade Equipment for Renewable Energy and LED lighting.

This company is for many years connected with the industrial sector, developing work in the fields of printing and electronics.

Worked only in the first 3 years Screenprinting, devoting himself thereafter to work on the electronic component and assemblies.

This company and its subsidiary in Morocco (EZ - Electronics Zone, S.A.R.L.) always worked in partnership with Philips S.A., being its subsidiary EZ come to be one of the preferred subcontractors.

This company produced and assembled in exclusivity for RCS Portugal/Philips remote control commands to TV, DVD, SBT, SAT, VCR…

Currently in Portugal IES-Industria aims to produce, assemble and support companies developing electronic assemblies and various Re-Works for almost all types of industries.