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We assemble LED lighting with high yield and quality.

With the IES it is now possible to give life to your ideas.

Frente do Contador de peças v1 e respectivos acessórios
ATP - Time Tracker is a system that generates and signals in a sound and / or light times of inputs, outputs and intervals, applied to the Industrial Facilities, Schools, etc..
Welcome to our website

Welcome to IES - Industria Electrónica, serigrafia, Lda.
IES despite being a company from the beginning of the 90s, is now led by a young and dynamic staff that wants to take this company to be one of the most competitive, dynamic and enterprising of the business.

This company has its Vision "we impose ourselves on the market, as a unit of manufacture of products and services in the fields of electronics" and as Mission "To be recognized for our quality and effectiveness within our sector." Through the innovative creation of value, excellent level of support and business needs of our customers.

Values and norms of behavior:
  • Satisfy our customers;
  • Providing Quality and Excellence;
  • Leadership by example in striving for excellence;
  • We develop integrity, trust, respect and hope in the company;
  • We value the excellent results and react promptly to the low performance;
  • We decided based on facts, findings and arguments and we are committed to these decisions;
  • We continuously improve our performance with the goal of becoming a world class company;
  • Respect for the environment is an integral part of our business.