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New Products IES and BALENO 2012
The IES-Energy on last April 17 was present and supported this great competition...
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We create custom lamps with LED lighting, made by plastic artist Elvira Jorge Gonçalves
The IES is represented in the Moroccan market, inclusively have been represented in the International Fair of Construction of Casa Blanca
Requests a visit to our Show Room and see in your hand our products and prove its quality

Illumination of Swimming pools
our LED lights for swimming pool RGB have fantastic's results. These lights consume much less than the conventional (300W conventional - 25W LED RGB), have colors that provide different environments, have long-distance command and life span of 50.000 hours. Beyond these advantages we can save by reducing the quantity of power transformers of 12VAC using only one conventional power transformer for 10 LED lights;

Bar illuminations
our solutions of decoration and illumination for Bars allow the most diverse uses. We make the decoration of interior and exterior facades with colors, illumination of stairs, balconies, sealing's among others.

Industrial illumination

the companies more than ever need to lower its costs with energy and maintenance, therefore we are converting the conventional illumination into High Power LED High Bays. We have clients that verified the reduction of consumption and the improvement in the illumination proportionate by this product;

Boat Illumination 
In Morocco we equipped some towboats with LED illumination, therefore its low maintenance, low consumption and indifference to the vibrations are more important values for this type of use;

Illumination of Stores and Exhibitors
we make by measure and we commercialize very interesting solutions for commercial spaces and expositors because with this type of illumination we lower the heating generated by the illumination, making to lower the costs with air conditioning, and for moreover we have very compact solutions, as for example LED strips.